Rage of a Ninja: (Hong Kong 1987)
My catchphrase in this movie is now legend
  Hitman the Cobra: (Hong Kong 1986)
Mike the Mercenary!
  Final Score: (Indonesia 1987)
Mike Abbott's obsessive compulsion to shoot lackeys
  Death Code: Ninja (1987)
German dubbing
  Revenge of the Cornish Ninja:
Gordon, the champion of the ninjas accidently burnt down Mike's house to try to destroy documents relating to a Hong Kong crime spree. Mike sees his wrecked home and tracks down Gordon for a one on one ninja battle
  City Hunter 1993:
Staring Jackie Chan and Kumiko Gotto

These scenes are a highlight in my movie career.
See me shooting at Jackie.....and then.......My Fall of Death...enjoy.
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