My philosophy is Customer Satisfaction, by understanding your requirements, and providing tailored services and plans
to meet your short and long term goals.

My aim is to build a lasting partnership with my Clients by:

  Performing careful personal fitness evaluations to understand our Client’s and build a customer profile.
  Establishing tailored training plans consisting of cardiovascular exercise and muscle strengthening and toning exercises.
  Providing professional nutritional advice to maintain an optimum balanced diet aimed at keeping you healthy while losing weight,
     or to fuel your body for muscle gain.


No matter if your long term goal is weight loss, general health and fitness, or body sculpting, my aim is to provide professional support and guidance to help you do it in a way that will give you permanent life long results.  

We have seen too many people attempt extreme, short term approaches to lose weight, only to inevitably fail and end up worse than where they started each time.

Contact me today and start your journey to a long and healthy life.